Lunch on 3rds


(The DJ formerly known as DJ SUNBOY and also known as trenton michael, sunboyforever, and veryfuckinghaunted.)

Late-night radio. Absurd freeform music. Jarring. Moody. Passionate. Most normal radio show in Washtenaw County.
Only on WCBN-FM Ann Arbor, 88.3 FM. Well actually it’s on nothing now because I’m tired of doing radio so I will not be doing it anymore. You can still see playlists here.

Old air-times:

Tuesday night (Wednesday AM) at 2:00 am, June 2022-August 2022.

Thursday night (Friday AM) at 1:00am, August 2022-November 2022.

you can visit if you’d like to read back all the songs played on my show.

(i have no idea what happened to episode 8)